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What is Ketosis Flu? -Can You Avoid It?

The “ketosis flu” is a label given to a set of carbohydrate withdrawal symptoms that may occur in people who start a low-carb diet that results from altered hormonal states and the electrolyte imbalances that may occur with it.

This altered state comes from when you are entering the state of ketosis.

Simply put, it explains a cycle in the body as you adjust to a freshly begun low carbohydrate diet.

Keto represents ketogenic, an extremely rigorous low carbohydrate eating strategy.

The term should actually be “low carbohydrate flu” because the ketogenic diet plan is not the only low carbohydrate plan.

Ketosis Flu Symptoms

No two people are alike, so the signs can vary from absolutely nothing to moderate to a full-blown flu-like condition.

Symptoms can consist of:

  • Lightheadedness
  • Nausea
  • Fatigue
  • Mental Fog
  • Cramps
  • Headaches
  • Diarrhea

How Long Does Ketosis Flu Last?

The period for keto flu differs for each individual.

While some might have small and even undetectable signs for a day or more, others may have any or all the symptoms for a week or more.

It truly depends upon how rapidly your body adapts to a decrease in carbs.

Once keto flu is over you can anticipate a substantial rise in energy levels.

When that sugar habit is completely kicked, frequently individuals feel much better than ever.

Being patient as your body adapts is crucial, and understand that it will pass.

For many people any signs that happen end within 1 week, at most 2 weeks' time.

A Misunderstood Condition

Individuals who experience keto flu after going on a low carbohydrate diet plan are often made to think that they are suffering due to the diet plan they are on…

…and carbohydrates benefit their overall health.

However, this just demonstrates how reliant they have actually been on carbohydrates, as their body is attempting to make it through without carbohydrates and sweet substances.

To be clear our overconsumption of processed carbs has greatly contributed to our over-sensitivity to all carbs.

In reality, carbohydrate consumption, and particularly processed carbohydrates that originate in processed food, sugar, sweet foods, and beverages is at epidemic levels, and carbohydrate dependency is widespread in the United States and other parts of the world.

Sugar is the villain not fat!

foods to eat on keto diet

Check out this article in the Guardian paper. It shows the addictive nature of sugar and how sugar has fulled the obesity epidemic.

It's not your fault, those carbohydrates are all over, praise yourself for making modifications for the much better with a low carbohydrate diet!

How To Reduce Keto Flu Effects

Keto flu can be nerve-racking, no doubt, but in some cases a required evil.

There are some things that can be done to minimize the signs if they appear.

Replenish your electrolytes:

Lack of electrolytes in the body is among the significant reasons for keto flu.

Electrolytes are the minerals discovered in the body and they impact its water makeup, level of acidity of the blood, and performance of the muscles.

Additionally, low carbohydrate diet plans include lower insulin levels that can force the kidneys to dispose of excess water, making you consume more water leading to eliminating electrolytes, where salt, potassium, and magnesium shortages can happen.

You will need to renew your electrolytes by utilizing supplements and with food.

Add in some salt:

Normally, the typical diet plan is packed with salt…

… a ketogenic diet plan gets rid of processed food and concentrates on consuming single ingredient genuine food.

So when you begin keto you will naturally minimize salt consumption, which lowers water retention.

Given that a low carbohydrate diet plan is naturally diuretic, there is no requirement to stress over water retention.

Normally, 5 grams of salt daily is perfect for ketosis flu and to renew electrolytes

One way you can get it is from drinking 2 cups of broth or including soy sauce and other sauces that have potassium to your meals.

Bone broth works well and just needs the simmering of chicken, beef, lamb, or any meat bones in water for about a day.

Canned broth or stocks from the shop works well too, simply ensure to check out the labels for included components or preservatives that you do not want.

300mg of magnesium supplement can also be taken to lessen the effects of ketosis flu.

Keto flu is a necessary evil that the majority of dieters go through while beginning their weight-loss journey.

While it can not be prevented for some, you can lower signs while your body adapts.

Please contact a physician if the signs end up being too serious to manage alone.

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